Panel Presentation

 18 May 2017


 Event Space (Library)

This panel will explore the place of information literacy in interdisciplinary co-teaching and research at AMICAL institutions. It will seek to generate ideas for best practices.

Thinking and teaching across the disciplines as well as co-teaching already have a long tradition in academics; many fields now consider themselves formally interdisciplinary in nature and there is strong encouragement from university administrations to share this interdisciplinary thought with students who come to liberal arts institutions with the desire to be well-rounded thinkers and contributors to workplaces and society. It is worthwhile to look at the methods and means by which this takes place and to generate ideas for best practices in the classroom, especially regarding information literacy.

During this panel discussion, the panelists will present and reflect on different questions such as: what is interdisciplinary thinking and teaching? What are effective strategies for interdisciplinary co-teaching, and why is it vital for students’ learning experiences? Are there limits to what can be accomplished? What are the common barriers to effective co-teaching, and how can we find effective solutions to these problems? How do faculty and librarians approach co-teaching and what recommendations do they have? How can librarians and faculty work together effectively to meet interdisciplinary goals? What are challenges and opportunities for interdisciplinary thinking at AMICAL institutions?

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