Community Idea Exchange

 19 May 2017


 Ground Level Library

Augmented reality is being introduced into the functions of the SLU Madrid library, with experiences aimed at both students and teachers, such as the use of QR codes, facilitating access to websites, and the use of Aurasma software, to incorporate explanatory videos of works by teachers on campus.

The use of technology is becoming more frequent in the educational field, so the experiences presented show various uses of augmented reality in the Saint Louis University Madrid Campus library, such as:

  1. Aimed at students: a survey was conducted from the library to learn about the most popular literature books among students. Of the books that were referenced most often, posters with QR codes were produced that would facilitate access to the official site of the book, which provided more information about the author, argument, etc.
  2. Access to information: Posters have been developed with QR codes to facilitate access to different electronic resources of the library, which are located in different areas of the library.
  3. Teachers and augmented reality: The books produced by the professors of Saint Louis University Madrid Campus now have augmented reality that facilitates access to a video commentary by the teacher regarding his or her work, which will motivate readers to consult their work.

The experience is in its initial stages, but even so it is motivational for the faculty and students of the campus.

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