Community Idea Exchange

 19 May 2017


 Ground Level Library

This poster presentation will present the survey results conducted with English 101 faculty and students in Fall semester,2016. This survey tackles the scope of the major changes since the BA program in AUA has been launched in 2012 and describes what faculty thinks about co-designing the assignments with instruction librarians.

For several years already librarians are extensively discussing the role of Information Literacy as a separate course and its importance for other disciplines. The exchange pace of information and technology are so dynamic that we are not noticing how fast the process of creating and receiving information is happening. The major problem in this case is how to retain information and make it interesting for students, who are Globalized Millennials, and use technology to receive and send information even faster than we librarians or faculty do. So, the main question is, how we can “Make it Work”- librarians and faculty: what is the road that will lead us to a way better communication and collaboration? Are there any specific mechanisms and techniques that will work like a magic wand and will be a role model for us AMICAL librarians? Or, each of us are unique and that’s what we should take into account and try to put our two cent to a dynamic and growing world of Information Literacy. Thus, we can say that IL is our cornerstone, and I believe that my poster will try to present a unique road for AUA librarians and Faculty “Make It Work” together.