18 May 2017


 AV Room (New Building)

This mini-workshop aims to recreate the AMICAL workshop held in Paris this year. The presenters will share lessons learnt and reproduce parts of the workshop for those who have not had the opportunity to participate. The main focus will be the integration of the ACRL Framework into current syllabi.

During this workshop instruction librarians and faculty members will have the chance to learn about the outcomes of the workshop Co-Design: Integrating Information Literacy into Your Disciplinary Course. After providing a short description of the workshop and its outline, the workshop leaders will reproduce parts of the Paris workshop by actively engaging participants in an analysis of two syllabi co-designed during the Paris workshop. The idea is to explore and identify the different ways in which the ACRL Framework has been integrated into the new syllabi. The main part of the workshop will focus on three aspects:

  • Developing collaborative course outcomes
  • Identifying assessments for those outcomes
  • Implementing the librarian role within the course

Therefore, participants will be asked to bring discipline-specific course syllabi that will be used as practical tools for the activities. At the end of the workshop the syllabi will be redesigned according to at least one of the three aspects, integrating the ACRL Framework and embedding the librarian as a co-teacher. Finally, participants will discuss collaboration and communication strategies to approach faculty and librarians regarding co-designing embedded library instruction experiences built on shared Framework-based outcomes.

Session resources