18 May 2017


 Event Space (Library)

This keynote will explore understandings of information literacy and information literacy education as unique combinations of information and learning experiences, together with the possibilities associated with partnerships drawing together the dual lenses of information use and content learning. It will also highlight some innovative information literacy partnerships and research directions.

Information literacy is about ways of experiencing the world that are personally and socially transformative. Information literacy education introduces learners to information literacy experiences that underpin their disciplinary and future professional practices. This paper explores these ideas in relation to the development of partnerships for information literacy education in higher learning contexts. The importance of partnerships amongst educators across our higher learning institutions is highlighted including faculty, academic developers, technologists, learning advisors, students and information professionals. The purpose of partnerships is widened beyond teaching collaboration to the development of policy, curriculum design, peer review as well as learning and teaching research. Some innovative information literacy partnerships are discussed. By way of conclusion, the paper will introduce some emerging learning spaces and research concepts currently challenging information literacy scholars and researchers. The paper will be presented in three parts: 1) learning and information, cornerstones of informed learning 2) creating partnerships, building informed learning communities 3) research into practice, new futures.

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