Community Idea Exchange

 19 May 2017


 Ground Level Library

The presentation will focus on the importance of collaboration across departments to implement the AUCA’s pilot digital humanities project. We will outline challenges and achievements from the coordination of multiple partners in implementing the project from the idea stage to the final product.

AUCA Digital Collections project, supported through AMICAL small grant, is our first digital humanities project to be implemented collaboratively by the library, academic departments, and IT. We will create two collections: virtual exhibit of archaeological artifacts and digital archive of ethnographic papers, to be hosted on the Omeka technology. The project will include such steps as selection of materials, creation of digital objects, ensuring access and discoverability of collections, and their promotion for academic and research purposes.
As any collaborative project, this initiative includes not only technology solutions, but effective project management and good communication between participants, each of whom brings different professional and cultural background to the table. The presentation will focus on the project management steps from its “idea stage” to the final product presentation, highlighting challenges, solutions, and contributions made by each party. The dynamic nature of a digital project requires well-documented work flow, project-specific guidelines and an effective system of communication, as well the need to stay flexible to respond to unforeseen developments. We will share lessons learned with regards to technical implementation as the result of collective labor.

Session resources