Birds of a Feather

 19 May 2017


 AV Room (New Building)

This Birds of a Feather discussion will bring together librarians, faculty and instructional technologists to share the experience of the “Podcasting Life 101 AUC Project: AUC Centennial” AMICAL grant project at AUC and discuss avenues of collaboration and communication within AUC and across AMICAL institutions.

Podcasts are digital or audio files that can be streamed or downloaded from a website or podcast provider to a portable device The use of podcasts in education has increased dramatically in recent years with the rise in popular demand and consumption of podcasts for entertainment and educational purposes. Storytelling has become one of the main vehicles of relaying information to the masses, keeping oral histories, building empathy as well as relaying and portraying crucial messages.

This discussion will serve to bring together faculty, librarians and instructional technologists to share in the experience of using podcasting in the classroom with a focus on student generated podcasts in the AMICAL AUC pilot project Life 101@AUC. Participants will engage in conversations about how podcasting can best be incorporated into their classrooms and how they can participate in future projects that bring together stories across contexts and continents. Other discussion may include the uses of oral history and other institutional heritage initiatives in the classroom and beyond, especially in connection with major university events (like AUC’s 2019 Centennial).