18 May 2017


 Library Lab

AMICAL academic libraries will learn to align to higher education and institutional goals and show their impact in supporting them: A workshop for Library Directors based on the work presented at the American University of Kuwait by ACRL’s Kara Malenfant and Karen Brown.

Note: This workshop is intended for library directors.

  • Part A (30 minutes) The Assessment plan agreed in Kuwait meeting will be presented. It is hoped the whole of the AMICAL community will provide data to benchmark institutional metrics to help improve services. We will discuss uploading our data to a pilot survey based on the ACRL’s survey to allow comparison within AMICAL and to provide evidence to support advocacy for new initiatives.
  • Part B (1 hour) Library directors who missed the workshop in AUK will be given the opportunity to be mentored by those who participated, in order to design robust assessment program, discuss the available assessment methods/tools, and communicate the assessment results to stakeholders. Most importantly, library directors will be given the opportunity to develop an institution-specific assessment exercise from beginning to completion.
  • Part C (30 minutes) LAU will share their assessment toolkit. Participants and the presenter will try to answer the following six questions in the assessment process: Why are we doing this assessment? What will we assess? How will we assess? Who will assess? How will the results be analyzed? How will the results be communicated and to whom?

Attendees will be required to submit some pre work prior to the conference.

Session resources