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Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan

Instructor of Languages/Int. Director Writing Center
American University of Nigeria

Brief Profile:

Before joining the American University of Nigeria, Emilienne was a Head of School for 6 years and held other teaching, administrative and leadership positions. She is a disciplined person with personal benchmarks of performance, extremely passionate about what she does and very positive about where she works. She loves reading and writing, and has been published in a few collections. Her first personal collection titled Her African Face was published in Wales.

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Emilienne, a Writing and French instructor, currently directs affairs at the Writing Center, and is a member of two university committees. She is also the coordinator for both the School of Arts & Science (SAS) online journal, and REFLECTIONS, the students’ online creative magazine. She has participated at various self-development workshops and also enjoys volunteering, traveling, and learning about different cultures.

AUN Courses: FRE 101, FRE 102, WRI 101, WRI 102

Research Interests:

Effects of the mass media; Factors influencing the instruction and reception of new languages; Writing Center and Tutoring Best Practices/Pedagogies; Globalization.


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  • Interests: Effects of the mass media; Factors influencing the instruction and reception of new languages; Writing Center and Tutoring Best Practices/Pedagogies; Globalization; Instructional Technologies.


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