Birds of a Feather

 7 May 2018


 Room 432

Recent discussions among AMICAL members about digital literacies have uncovered a need to better understand and improve how “digital literacies” are pursued, developed and taught across AMICAL institutions. This session will briefly present several research projects underway to address that need, then invite input and discussion from the AMICAL community.

As a result of a Birds of a Feather discussion during the Teaching and Learning Innovation Exchange at AUC (TALIX), and in an effort to develop a shared understanding of digital literacies across AMICAL institutions, a group of AMICAL members representing 5 member institutions identified several research projects to pursue. One project aims to inventory and analyze institutional statements and resources that support digital literacies, to answer questions such as: If there are institution-level learning outcomes for digital literacies, where and how do they appear? Who takes institution-wide responsibility for helping to create a digitally literate learning environment (among students and faculty)?

Additionally, the research group is interested in how faculty members are integrating digital literacies in their pedagogies, whether online or inside the classroom. How do faculty/staff/technologists/librarians intentionally include digital literacies in teaching and learning processes at the institutions?

The overarching goal of this project is to identify opportunities for strategic consortial actions for developing digital literacies across AMICAL institutions.