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Shant Estepan

Senior Network Analyst / Instructor in Computer Science
Haigazian University

My work as an IT Systems Administrator over the last 6 years has given me the opportunity to manage an IT project Implementation that included a comprehensive set of IT products that are included in any high caliber network environment. These products include (Firewalls, Windows Servers and Virtualization, VMWare ESXi, SAN and NAS Storage, Switches, Wireless, Cabling, Network Devices, and many more). After the successful completion of the projects, I continue my job in maintaining the network infrastructure, and applying necessary improvements when necessary.

Specialties: IT Administration, Networking, MCTS, CISCO, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Firewall, Backup, and many more.

Interests: I teach: Data Transmission & Computer Networks Lab to Computer Science students, Digital Electronics Lab to Computer Science students, Electronics Lab to Computer Science students, Orientation for New students, Build a Network in 12 Hours, Social Media and You, Build Your Computer Confidence, Integrating New Technologies into Learning


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