Photo of Shahihnaz Abd El Rahman

Shahihnaz Abd El Rahman

American University in Cairo

Macromolecular Chemistry

Evaluation of the Kinetics of Free Radical Polymerization

Study of the dynamics of chemical reactions through kinetic analysis of pseudostationary (non-stationary) polymerization. Evaluation of the individual rate constants of chain propagation and bimolecular termination in form of , where kp (rate constant of chain propagation) and kt (rate constant of chain termination). Determination of kp by pulsed-laser initiation and analysis of the chain-length distribution (cld) of the polymer formed, to yield the propagation constant kp from the position L0 of the low-molecular-weight-side and studying the influence of a chain-length dependence of the rate coefficient of chain termination.

Research and Other Interests :

  • The use of water and physiological medium soluble polymers as blood plasma expander or a carrier of biologically active compound as a polymeric drug.
  • Using sol-gel as a chemical sensors, drug-delivery systems
  • Teaching development is one of my concerns because it can be a basis for guaranteeing the quality of teaching and learning in the universities. There are some debates concerning conception of teaching (COTs) which is related to university teacher’s beliefs.
  • Serving communities and students.

Interests: General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Literature Survey, Research Methodology, Bioethics


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