Photo of Nina Ghannam

Nina Ghannam

Senior Library Specialist
American University of Beirut

I joined AUB libraries in 2002 and started my career path in different Library departments. I gained a broad experience in different fields from cataloging, Acquisition, Reference, Quality Assurance in Digital Initiatives and Preservation Services, Assistant medical Librarian before being promoted to Senior Library Specialist.

I attended several workshops abroad to develop my career in digitization and OCR expertise at Brill publisher (Leiden) in 2014, New York University (USA) 2015 and attended Digital Humanities conference in Leipzig (Germany) in 2017. During Digital Humanities Institute Workshop in Beirut in 2017, I provided a two days’ workshop to introduce “Optical Character Recognition for Arabic”. I was previously involved in several Digital Preservation projects at Jafet Library. Also, I did a presentation in the 45 Turkish national day in 2019, which was held in Istanbul KOC University about Digitization and Best Practices.

I also worked as Assistant to the Head of Medical Library, I administer the system and control mechanisms of the activities and tasks to ensure that good standards are achieved in the Reference, circulation, and collection areas and train Subordinates when needed. I manage the collection and all Medical Library holdings. In addition, to assisting the Head in all Reference services or any other projects assigned.

Interests: Collection, Reference, Digitization, and Library development


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