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Nikolina Ivanova-Bell

Library Director
American University in Bulgaria

As a library director I am overseeing the operational, managerial and strategic functions of Panitza Library at the American University in Bulgaria. Apart from the vast experience in almost all academic library spheres, I actively participate in numerous institutional committees.

I was serving as the Chair of AMICAL’s Coordinating Committee for two consecutive mandates (2015-2017, 2017-2019). It has always astonished me how productively we collaborate within this consortium: mapping our priorities, sharing ideas and engaging in projects, no matter where we are coming from. AMICAL is that unique organization among our institutions that helps a little extra to achieve our goals, inspirations and growth. That kind of growth, which may be irrelevant to some, but very significant to others. Small institutions (like mine) have the chance to pull up tremendously and validate their presence on the educational scale.

I should not forget to mention the amazing spirit, which we have when we get together during conferences or other events! :-)

Interests: Strategic planning, library administration, leadership, learning experiences, technology trends in education, library impact assessment, digital humanities, library cooperation, institutional research


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