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Maria Patsarika

Adjunct Lecturer, Humanities and Social Sciences Division
American College of Thessaloniki

I am Adjunct Lecturer at the American College of Thessaloniki, Humanities and Social Sciences Division. I am also Senior Researcher for the school design project ‘Designed for Better Learning’, in partnership with the Transformable Intelligent Environments Lab, Technical University of Crete. My academic background interweaves the following fields: history and archaeology, cultural and heritage studies, sociology and architecture. Other professional practice experiences involve my work at the Houses of Parliament and the Tate Britain gallery, both in London, and various not-for-profit organizations. My specialization lies in the sociology of education, with more specific research interests in children’s and young people’s cultures, learning and creativity, and engagement in place making. I am interested in children’s and young people’s place in the world, be this the spaces that they use, the relationships that they forge with peers and adults, and the roles that they assume and are ascribed by others in society. I have been actively engaged in interdisciplinary research collaborations over the last ten years.

Interests: sociology, intercultural communication, service learning, cultural studies, sociology of education, sociology of childhood, place making, creative learning


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