Photo of Iram Ahmad

Iram Ahmad

Asisstant Professor
Forman Christian College

I am a fculty member, acedemic researcher and Asisstant Professor in the Department of History and Pakistan Studies at Forman Christian College Univesrity.

Personal pronouns: she

Interests: Maritime challenges, minority rights, CPEC cultural, economic, geo-strategic and political impacts, Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Belt & Road Imitative, China and Asian Century, Globalization to Hyper-globalization, Colonial History of India, Imperialism, Neo-colonialism, History of Civilization, Culture and spirituality, art and music, Theories of Globalization, Conflict Studies, Pakistan Relations with China, Modern Trends in South Asia, Indian Ocean a region of Conflict in 21st Century, International Relations and theory, Asia Pacific Study, Comparative Study of World Religions, History of Europe, History of the USA, Modern Tendencies in USA Foreign Policy, Human security in South Asia, Identity Politics in Pakistan, Covid-19 and South Asia current situation.


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