Photo of Khadija Kaj-Itani

Khadija Kaj-Itani

Assistant professor - General Education Department Chair
Effat University

Dr. Khadije Abdulaziz Kaj Itani is the Chair of General Education Department and an Assistant Professor. She received bachelor’s degree in English Literature at the Lebanese University in Beirut. She obtained her MA and PhD in education from Exeter University, England. Her doctoral thesis involved aggregating enormous amounts of data from a variety of sources concentrated on curriculum development and teacher education. In this large-scale study, she scrutinized the New English secondary curriculum with a critical eye towards teachers’ perceptions of the new secondary English curriculum and identified some reasons why the actual curriculum was incompatible with the taught one. Her research interests lie in curriculum development, teacher education and educational psychology. Dr. Khadija has published several articles and books on these two fields of study.

Personal pronouns: She

Interests: Curriculum development, teacher education, educational psychology


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